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Safety and Quality Auditing
Safety and Quality Auditing
Safety is the paramount concern on all munitions response activities. Contractors performing MMR activities operate
under a highly structured and closely controlled set of safety requirements. Periodic audits should be performed so
that you can be confident you're managing your safety risk.

Quality is the tool for achieving and maintaining superior customer service. Without superior customer service,
companies jeopardize their reputations and therefore, survivability in the industry. Here, too, periodic audits will help
you manage your risk and identify weaknesses and threats to your project execution that can make the difference
between an outstanding or just an average or below average performance rating.

LCCI is prepared to design, conduct, analyze and report independent safety and quality audits on your programs and
projects utilizing auditing techniques developed from years in MMR operations and based on auditing models
developed by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Det Norsk Veritas (DNV) Foundation for Loss Control

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