Les Clarke Consulting, Inc.
Serving the Military Munitions Response Community
Technical Expert Services
Technical Expert Services
LCCI offers technical expertise in military munitions response activities for all companies who may need additional
expertise whether MMR activities are part of your core capabilities or not.

For those where MMR activities are not part of their core competency, LCCI can help you subcontract for MMR
services by:

- Preparing a statement of work for MMR services
- Identifying MMR contractors to solicit bids
- Evaluating responses and costs
- Provide technical oversight to project plans and reports
- On-site audits of the MMR subcontractor

For those whose core competency includes MMR activities, LCCI will augment your technical staff when you need it
to help you design MMR activities, prepare plans and reports, locate qualified subcontractors and project staff and
help you prepare your final reports upon project completion.

Regulators and Stakeholders
LCCI has the technical expertise to assist you to:

- Participate in Technical Project Planning (TPP) exercises
- Understand the application, strengths and weaknesses of MMR-related technologies
- Evaluate program goals and strategies
- Understand program and project safety and quality goals
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