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Program and Project Management
Program and Project Management
Consider what it takes to initiate, plan and control, execute and close out a project. Whether the project is a major
stand-alone site response or is a smaller site under a munitions response task order, think about what you, the Project
Manager, will have to do to get your project off to a successful start, maintain the momentum for the duration and get
your project closed out in a timely manner. Now think about how you will get it done.

You will have to consider some, maybe all, of the items listed below:

- Strategic Planning
- Project organization and staffing
- Technology integration and application
- Integrating budget and performance information
- Plans preparation and approvals
- Team-building with other stakeholders and your government or private client
- Regulatory interaction
- Communications, outreach and public education
- Stakeholder training
- Quality and Safety Auditing
- Project Reporting
- Project Closeout

How will you get everything accomplished? All you may need is an individual subject matter expert or you may need a
small specialized team to support your project start-up, maintenance and closeout needs. Other
situations may call for
skills transfer and project management mentoring. Larger projects may require a dedicated team to work side-by-side
with your staff.

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