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Proposals and Business Development
Proposals and Business Development
Consider all it takes to write a winning proposal for a military munitions response (MMR) program or Task Order project.
You will need expertise in all the subject areas listed below:

- Management approach
- Technical approach
- Project organization and staffing
- Technology integration and application
- Safety and Quality Management
- Productivity and Scheduling

Each of these subject areas should be addressed regardless of the scale of the project. Each requires MMR-specific
expertise. Where do you find the resources with the MMR experience that you need to help you prepare a winning

LCCI will help you get it done, when you need it done. Whether supplying a single subject matter expert (SME) or a
cross-functional team, LCCI has the technical resources you need to help you prepare a winning proposal. LCCI will
provide proposal support when you need it, where you need it.

Not winning as often as you should?
LCCI will help you analyze your proposal efforts, focusing on:

- The overall quality and professional appearance of your proposal documents
- Whether the technical approach response meets the RFP requirements
- Whether the estimate reflects the proposed technical approach and whether the costs shown are proper, appropriate
and reasonable for the work being proposed.
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